December 1, 2020

NY Times Article: Looking Ahead Behind the Ivy

The pace of change in business is quickening, and business schools are scrambling to keep up. A number of prominent B-schools, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School among them, have rethought their programs and are making changes to reflect the increasingly global scope of business and to improve students’ leadership and teamwork skills. Some schools are asking students to wrestle with questions about the ethical lapses that contributed to the financial crisis. Nitin Nohria, new dean of Harvard Business School and co-author of “Paths to Power: How Insiders and Outsiders Shaped American Business Leadership,” discussed the new courses, and the goals and thinking behind them.

Original New York Times article by Adam Bryant


  1. Terry Burns says:

    This article was spot on and I am glad to see that business schools are addressing ethical leadership in business as part of their curriculum. As a former New York Stock Exchange Specialist broker I saw first hand how good people can be led down the wrong path because of pressures that come from their cultures or from their bosses. Not to mention the pressures for short-term returns and the unreasonable risks people took. This is a very timely article but the lessons are not new. I am pleased to see that institutions of higher education are providing a greater focus to their students on things like ethics and character in business leadership positions. Good leadership does not always start at the top but rather in the middle. Throughout every financial crises from Enron, the NYSE Specialist investigation, Madoff and including the 2008 financial crises leaders made unethical decisions that could have been brought to light had the people in subordinate leadership roles had the character to “blow the whistle”. Let’s face it, you don’t start out as CEO. You work your up the ladder, so having a curriculum like the one described in this article is on the money.

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