November 29, 2020

Focus 3 article: 10 Leadership Lessons from the Penn State Scandal

“Amidst the frustration, anger, & confusion following the tragic events at Penn State, it is easy to fall into the trap of finding blame without finding any real lessons for ourselves. We can be quick to judge and slow to learn.

This is not to say that the observations and judgments are inappropriate. The majority of the discourse is focused on the failures of leadership at Penn State, why it happened, who was involved, and how severely they should be punished. And rightly so.

But for everyone not directly involved in the proceedings, there is another conversation that should take place:

What can we learn from Penn State to improve our organizations, our leaders, & ourselves?”

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  1. Terry Burns says:

    Great Article! The lessons here are extremely valuable and will be timeless. We will always look back to the Penn State Scandal as a consistant case study for leadership training. The failings by the leadership of one of the most respected instutions and culture they created to allow this to happen will hopefully provide all of us with tools necessary to make sure it never happens again. All ten of these points are on the money but for me #8 “Leadership is not power derved fron status or postion” says it all. Well Done.

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