December 1, 2020

Do Fired Navy COs Suffer From ‘Bathsheba Syndrome’?

“The U.S. Navy has sacked more than 150 commanding officers for misconduct in the past 10 years. Five COs have already been fired this year, including the dismissal Monday of the commander of an amphibious transport dock that had not yet even been commissioned…”The Bathsheba Syndrome: The Ethical Failure of Successful Leaders,” published in a business journal in 1993, asserts that the ethical failure of powerful leaders is often not the result of an individual’s low morals, but the byproduct of success.”

Read the article from Stars and Stripes


  1. Terry Burns says:

    One of the truest statements I have ever heard is, ” if you really want to test a man’s character, give him power” and I believe this article shows us this. The lesson here is not limited to the military. The abuse of power for personal pleasure and avarice is alive and well in the corporate world as well. Maybe the “Bathsheba Syndrome” should be brought to the attention of corporate leaders. Great article, it should be required reading

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