November 29, 2020

Student Leader Seminar Delivers Sessions To Chinese Delegation From The Hubei Province

Members of Student Leader Seminar delivered sessions on federal government service, public policy and performance, leading change, critical thinking and decision making, and organizational ethics to a visiting Chinese delegation from the Hubei Province.

Thomas_Chinese_Photo Robbins_Chinese_Photo Student Leader Seminar Delivers Sessions To Visiting Chinese Delegation

Student Leader Seminar Faculty Members Announced As Facilitators of Shore Leadership Program 2014

Student Leader Seminar CEO Joe Thomas and faculty member Carol Graser were announced as the Facilitators for the Shore Leadership Program for 2014. The Shore Leadership program offers executives, managers, and leaders on Maryland’s Eastern Shore the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the issues and challenges facing our region.

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The Case of SSGT Robert Bales in Afghanistan

DATE: 19 March 2012         PHONE:        (410) 212-5181

The Following statement may be attributed to Dr. Joseph J. Thomas, CEO, The Student-Leader Seminar:

 March 2012 Teachable Moment: The Case of SSGT Robert Bales in Afghanistan

US Soldier Accused in Killing of 16 Afghan Civilians. – The tragic news of the alleged actions of 38 year old US Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales came as a tremendous shock to the American public.  Recent reporting claims Bales left his operating base on the night of March 11, entered two Afghan villages and methodically went about shooting 16 civilians, including 9 children.  Afghan outrage, understandably, was immediate.  The international outcry was equally immediate.   Just over a week after the incident speculation as to what drove Bales to this act is rampant.  There’s been much discussion about his recent legal and relationship troubles, failed investments, and physical suitability for redeployment.  All of these details will be picked through in detail in the coming weeks and months.  One thing is certain at this point and that is US-Afghan relations will be forever altered.  The war may in fact be at a turning point.  The direction of America’s future in Afghanistan is impossible to predict.  Political and military leaders alike will attempt to mitigate the situation.  US service members and Westerners working in Afghanistan are at far greater risk as a result of this tragedy.  We can safely say that no possible good can come from this incident.  What can be safely claimed is that much needs to be done to prevent such incidents in future…”

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Hazing at Florida A&M

DATE: 1 December, 2011         PHONE:        (410) 533-7874

The Following statement may be attributed to Professor Kevin Haney, CFO, The Student-Leader Seminar:

Another tragedy has occurred on yet another major college campus.  Florida A&M, one of America’s oldest Historically Black Colleges has experienced the death of 26-year-old drum major Robert Champion.  Champion appears to have succumbed to injuries sustained in a hazing incident by his fellow band-mates of the FAMU Marching 100.  Reports from the NY Times state that administrators knew that hazing went on and while it was not tolerated they were unable to prevent it.  According to Lizette Alvarez and Robbie Brown of the NYT, “Hazing is not uncommon among marching bands around the country and has been a longtime practice at historically black colleges like Florida A&M.” The university, whose enrollment is roughly 13,000, has had its share of serious hazing incidents. Two students were beaten or paddled so forcefully they suffered acute injury, one in 1998 and the other in 2001.

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Personal Responsibility and Penn State University

Personal Responsibility and Penn State University

DATE: 13 November, 2011  – PHONE: (410) 212-5181

The following statement may be attributed to Dr. Joseph J. Thomas, CEO, The Student-Leader Seminar:

We recently had the honor of addressing a group of high achieving student-athlete leaders from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley Conference near Allentown, PA. The area can be considered, in many ways, ‘Ground Zero’ for the developing tragedy involving the Penn State’s legendary football program.

The students and their athletic directors gathered for the interactive discussion of leadership, moral decision-making, and character were utterly overwhelmed by the developing story in nearby University Park.
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