December 3, 2020

ESPN article highlights college coaches as false leaders

“In a universe where players show up for coffee and are gone by lunch, the coach is the only stable element the college game has, outside of the venerable universities themselves. He generously profits from his image as leader, through outsize salaries, sneaker deals and book and motivational tours. The image is a facade. ”

Original ESPN article by Howard Bryant

Personal Responsibility and Penn State University

Personal Responsibility and Penn State University

DATE: 13 November, 2011  – PHONE: (410) 212-5181

The following statement may be attributed to Dr. Joseph J. Thomas, CEO, The Student-Leader Seminar:

We recently had the honor of addressing a group of high achieving student-athlete leaders from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley Conference near Allentown, PA. The area can be considered, in many ways, ‘Ground Zero’ for the developing tragedy involving the Penn State’s legendary football program.

The students and their athletic directors gathered for the interactive discussion of leadership, moral decision-making, and character were utterly overwhelmed by the developing story in nearby University Park.
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