February 28, 2020

About Student-Leader Seminar

Joe Thomas facilitates discussion at Student-Leader Seminar group

The Student-Leader Seminar (S-LS) is designed to introduce the topic of ethical leadership to students, athletes, educators, public service professionals, and leaders in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors. The seminars are highly interactive discussions built around the themes of leading with purpose, ethical decision making, and the value of character.


The purpose of the Student-Leader Seminar is to:

  1. Develop leaders who are oriented toward achieving outcomes for the organization
  2. Build vertical team cohesion (chain-of-command) and lateral team cohesion (co-worker groups)
  3. Energize organizations with fun, interactive conversations centered on transformational leadership topics
  4. Develop in the learner a personal understanding of the processes and demands of leadership and provide the tools and tactics to realize full potential
  5. Encourage thinking about the role of character and the moral/ethical component of leadership
  6. Employ diagnostic instruments to help participants learn about themselves, their co-workers, subordinates, and leaders
  7. Provide supporting processes to ensure the learning continues beyond the seminar, including leadership coaching, peer coaching, leadership development plans and guides for further learning about leadership.

Who are S-LS Customers?

A variety of organizations have used The Student-Leader Seminar to enhance leader performance.  They span high school, college, governmental, and international organizations.

Organizations include:

  • US Customs and Border Protection Leadership Institute
  • Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders
  • The NATO Partnership for Peace Program (Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, others)
  • The Chicago Fire and Police Departments
  • Israeli Defense Force
  • The Lehigh Valley Interscholastic Athletic Conference
  • Psychological Service of the Indonesian Army
  • Wildland Firefighters of the Pacific Northwest
  • DeSales University
  • Maryland Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics
  • National Association of University and College Business Officers
  • Associated Building Contractors
  • Shore Leadership
  • The staff of Congressman Andy Harris, (MD 1st District)
  • Executive MBA Program, Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland
  • Global Science and Technology and Commercialization Division at Merck
  • University of Maryland Football
  • University of Maryland Athletic Department
  • Bucknell Bison Leadership Academy
  • Shore Leadership
  • Travis Manion Foundation, “Character Does Matter” Program
  • Federal Executive Institute
  • Department of Health and Human Services (John Gill)
  • US Naval Academy Masters Leadership Program
  • Georgetown Executive Masters in Leadership
  • Goodwill Industries

Guide for Seminar Hosts

A guide for seminar hosts is mailed at the time of booking along with handouts used during the seminar.  The guide includes detailed instructions for classroom layout, optimal group size, media support, logistical needs and instructions for participant handouts.

Seminar Pricing

Seminar pricing is determined based on the needs of each requesting organization and calculated on a variety of factors to include: session curriculum, session length, number of session attendees, number of Student-Leader Seminar facilitators, travel requirements, etc.  If your organization has a travel service, you can book travel at your group rate, otherwise facilitator travel will be arranged by The Student-Leader Seminar (economy class, lowest airfare available at time of booking).  Seminar host will provide all seminar materials such as pens, tablets, markers, and writing paper€”overhead costs are kept to a minimum.

Executive Coaching

An executive coaching service is available for aspiring and new leaders.  This service involves the creation of a vision, mission, and personal philosophy tailored to the organization with follow-on meetings scheduled as desired/needed by the client.